The Directional Drilling Specialists

About Us

Compass Directional Services Ltd.

Our Mission:

Compass Directional Services Ltd. strives to deliver enduring value for its stakeholders through safe, innovative, customer-focused solutions.

Our Strategy:

We deliver by striving to exceed customer expectations on every job. We attract, develop and retain the best people, and we provide superior returns to our stakeholders through outstanding performance.

Our Corporate Responsibility:

In everything we do, we take responsibility for our people and the environment. In any decision, big or small, we always consider the following aspects:

  • Safety and Wellbeing
  • Responsiveness and Delivery
  • Continual Improvement and Innovation
  • Sustainability

Our People:

Our strength is our people. We have highly dedicated, qualified and experienced professionals on our team. We are excellent communicators who establish strong working relationships with our clients and all service providers associated with a project. Our operation is led by the following team members:


We are experienced in all facets of directional drilling:

– Multi-well projects – Geo-steering
– Under-balanced drilling – Directional Supervision
– Deep, extended reach horizontal wells – MWD Technician/Supervision
– Offshore platform drilling

Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin Experience

We are experienced in all facets of directional drilling. We have drilled over 2,500 wells, with measured depths ranging from 500 m to 6,200 m. Our experience includes deep directional wells and multi-lateral horizontal projects. Most of our present business is in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

International Experience

Since 2002, Compass has provided personnel and equipment for drilling operations to Sherritt International for their long-reach horizontal drilling program in the Caribbean.

Compass completed a 15-well program for LukOil, offshore in the Baltic Sea. We provided directional MWD/LWD services for wellbores sizes from 6 inches to 26 inches.

We also completed a 3-well, land-based program in Tanzania, providing complete directional MWD/LWD services for wellbores from 6 inches to 17.5 inches.