The Directional Drilling Specialists


We put our people and technology where you need them, when you need them. We are recognized for our ability to work effectively around the world, both onshore and offshore. We have established a reputation for professionalism and reliability. We apply knowledge and experience to develop a strategy with our customers.

As part of our directional drilling services, we offer the following features:

Well planning and design

Our highly skilled operations and technical staff partner with the customer to complete well planning based on initial land survey and geology data provided. Client-provided stick diagrams are the foundation for the directional drilling plan. We then build the directional drilling proposal based on client information, our database of experience and learnings from similar or previous work in the area. We use various tools, including offset well databases and positional mapping software, to plan the most effective drilling approach.

Our well planning package includes the following:

  • 2D and 3D profiles
  • Torque and drag analysis
  • anti-collision profiles
  • Bottom hole assembly design optimization
  • Hydraulics optimization

Performance drilling motors

Compass performance drilling motors are equipped with the latest in high-torque power section technology. They are manufactured and serviced by industry leading manufacturers. Our drilling motors have reliable adjustable bent housing and a pressure-balanced, sealed bearing assembly. Short bit to bend motors are also available.

We presently have over 150 performance drilling motors in our fleet, from 3.5 inch OD to 11.25 inch OD, to accommodate hole sizes from 4.75 inches to 26 inches.

MWD Systems

The Compass MWD system is a positive pulse system that is wireline retrievable and replaceable, which reduces potential downtime and lost-in-hole costs. We have minimal moving parts, which allows for extended downhole life and simple maintenance.

Our MWD systems will perform in all non-magnetic collar or hole sizes, at any depth and at any flow rate or pressure. Our systems are rated to 175°C.

EM-MWD Systems

View our EM-MWD Systems PDF file

LWD Systems

For LWD, we have geosteering with azimuthally oriented resistivity or gamma available. Our geosteering tools bring the following benefits:

  • Detect approach to a rock boundary or water contact from any direction without rotation
  • Provide predictive geosteering in real time

Strategic Alliances

Compass has strategic alliances with key suppliers. We have excellent relationships with leading-edge technology suppliers of drilling motors, gyro services, rotary steerable systems, inclination and gamma at bit, azimuthal gamma and associated drilling technologies.